"Dr. Elkin practices integrative medicine and very quickly gets to the root of the problem. Each of us have a unique set of circumstances and need a doctor that will listen, act and treat accordingly.

My situation was one of moderate to borderline high blood pressure, high cholesterol, high inflammation, horrible migraine headaches, etc. Dr. Elkin zoned in on some specifics with my health and felt a need to do some genetic testing. The results of the testing indicated particular cardiovascular genes that gave him insight into how to treat and coach me.

After almost one year under Dr. Elkins direction of lifestyle change, including diet, exercise, supplements and Earthing I feel great! I am 50 lbs. lighter, feel like a million bucks, no more migraines, blood pressure is excellent and labs are optimal or very near!

Earthing, I believe, offers many benefits--better sleep, anti-aging, cardiovascular, respiratory and nervous system function, as well as reduced inflammation. I am glad I was introduced to this as a part of my solution!
And last but not least, this took place with "no Big Pharma"!  Thank You Dr. Elkin!!

- R. Pierce


"I came to HeartWise at a time in my life when I was healthy, but feeling like I was declining in energy, stamina and general sense of well being. Dr. Elkin’s program is preventive, and combines allopathic and holistic approaches, resulting in weight loss, increased libido, increase of muscle mass, relief from depression, and an increase in general strength and stamina."
- W. Hanrahan


"One week after I started my bio-compatible hormone replacement program with Dr. Elkin, I noticed a complete resurgence in my ability to function normally. I am pleased with the compassion Dr. Elkin has shown me, and in his knowledge in the field of longevity medicine."
- B. Lasko, D.D.S.


"Dr. Elkin’s knowledge and advice on treatment of hormone deficiencies related to ageing have allowed me to enjoy a continued level of good health I had never imagined I’d have."
- G. Tudor


"I always thought if I were ever to need a cardiologist I would want it to be Dr. Howard Elkin because of what I knew of his professional and personal ethics.

After my husband's death 12 years ago, I developed chest pains and was referred to Dr. Elkin.

My Decision to become a permanent patient was based on Dr. Elkin's focus on preventing problems before they occur.

Dr. Elkin has created the HeartWise program that provides his patients with service, information and training. This covers a range of topics including stress management, nutrition, exercise and heart monitoring.

My life has been enriched by his philosophy of medicine, professional guidance and caring."
- M. Lacey 

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