Anti-Aging Or Longevity Medicine 

Anti-aging or longevity medicine is not simply about hormones. I consider hormone optimization the finishing touch. As an anti-aging physician I need to consider the patient’s lifestyle. This includes nutrition, detoxification, exercise, stress reduction, antioxidants and nutraceuticals.

One vital component of the patient’s well-being and longevity is the degree of inflammation present in the body. An inflammatory response at the time of an acute infection is vital to our well-being, but chronic inflammation is not good. Heart disease, cancer, Alzheimer’s disease and essentially all illnesses of aging are related to inflammation.

Anti-aging medicine is ,therefore, holistic in nature with a major emphasis in curbing inflammation within us. This is what will give us not simply longevity,but an improved quality of life.


  • Exercise Prescriptions
  • Stress Management Strategies
  • Nutritional Counseling



     "I came to HeartWise at a time in my life when I was healthy, but feeling like I was declining in energy, stamina and general sense of well being. Dr. Elkin’s program is preventive, and combines allopathic and holistic approaches, resulting in weight loss, increased libido, increase of muscle mass, relief from depression, and an increase in general strength and stamina."- W. Hanrahan

     "One week after I started my bio-compatible hormone replacement program with Dr. Elkin, I noticed a complete resurgence in my ability to function normally. I am pleased with the compassion Dr. Elkin has shown me, and in his knowledge in the field of longevity medicine."

 - B. Lasko, D.D.S.

     "Dr. Elkin’s knowledge and advice on treatment of hormone deficiencies related to aging have allowed me to enjoy a continued level of good health I had never imagined I’d have."
- G. Tudor


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