Earthing/ Hypertension Trial
Dr Howard Elkin and Dr. Stephen Sinatra are conducting a study on how Earthing affects blood pressure. If you are hypertensive, between the ages of 30 and 80, and live near the Los Angeles area please email to be considered for participation.
(watch Dr. Elkin's video about Earthing on YouTube) Earthing is a natural phenomenon whereby we absorb readily available free floating electrons from the earth's surface which help neutralize and squelch the positively charged free radicals that cause havoc to our bodies as we age. Earthing is completely natural and involves no medication. It can positively affect our health in many ways. This trial will examine its potential for lowering blood pressure. All folks with a history of hypertension (either on or off medications) are invited to participate in this exciting study. Please email us to be be evaluated for participation! ~ Howard MD, FACC

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