Heartsmart Testing (IMT - Intimal-Medial Thickness)

Undetected Cardiovascular Disease is the greatest health risk facing patients today!!

We now provide a new test for heart disease in our office!

Heartsmart gives you a clear picture of your cardiovascular health.

  • Convenient – can be done in 10 minutes
  • Safe – ultrasound imaging with no radiation
  • Accurately measures thickening in the arterial wall for accurate risk assessment
  • Assesses plaque that can cause stroke or heart attack

Schedule your HeartSmart test at our front desk today!

Dr. Elkin is a board-certified internist, cardiologist and anti-aging medical specialist.

VERY IMPORTANT NOTE / DISCLAIMER: I am offering—always—only general information and my own opinion in these articles. Always contact your physician or a health professional before starting any treatments, exercise programs or using supplements.
©Howard Elkin MD FACC, 2012


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