Adrenal Testing & Recovery

Nearly 75% of diseases prevalent in western society today are somehow related to the stress mechanisms of the body. Our aim at HeartWise Fitness & Longevity Center is to show how stress, both emotional and physical, affects the adrenal glands (small organs above both kidneys). Moreover, we can test and support the adrenal glands in a gentle but powerful way.


1)    Are you overly overwhelmed by everyday tasks that once were a breeze?

2)    Do you get angry over things that formerly did not bother you?

3)    Are you gaining weight around the middle?

4)    Is your sleep not as regular or as restful as it once was?

5)    Is it difficult for you to concentrate on important tasks?

6)    Do you crave foods that you know are unhealthy for you, such as sugary or salty snacks?

7)    Are you catching more colds than before?

8)    Is your libido less than what you'd like?

9)    Are you more easily irritated by family members and co-workers?

10)    Do you feel like you have no energy by mid or late afternoon?

11)    Are you using coffee or chocolate to make it though the day?

12)    Are you drinking more alcohol to relieve stress?

13)    Do aches and pains linger longer than they once did?

If you identify with several of these statements, your body's system for adapting to stress is not responding optimally. If you identify with more than 3 or 4 of these statements, your body is sending signals that life's stresses are overwhelming its ability to keep up.

Both Dr. Elkin and Kristine Reyes, CNC, are committed to help you discover some basic tools, so that your body can begin the process of responding to stress appropriately.

Here at HeartWise Fitness and Longevity Center, our ultimate aim via the adrenal testing and recovery program is to assist you with the appropriate use of supplements for adrenal support, along with implementation of necessary lifestyle changes for stress reduction.

You deserve it to yourself to enjoy a restored, renewed and revitalized life, one in complete hormonal, emotional and spiritual balance.

For more information about this exciting program contact us at : (562) 945-WELL

Dr. Elkin is a board-certified internist, cardiologist and anti-aging medical specialist.

VERY IMPORTANT NOTE / DISCLAIMER: I am offering—always—only general information and my own opinion in these articles. Always contact your physician or a health professional before starting any treatments, exercise programs or using supplements.
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